Siargao Island: Surf, Indulge, Admire, Relax, Go Adventure On..

My heart is full from all the experiences I had from Siargao. I can’t even think of the perfect word/s to describe how amazingly beautiful the island is. It’s definitely a place not only for surfers. There are nearby wonderful beaches, breathtaking lagoons, and a huge clear body of blue water which TOTALLY is wow!  I can talk about this everyday and still get that same awe feeling. I loved the laid back life there, the friendly locals, the island vibe, and how pristine it is!

Stayed At?

Smiling Pig Hostel
4 or 6 bunk beds mixed dormitory fan room at Php 350 per head/night. If you’re a backpacker or traveling alone and looking to join a group, this is the place. I stayed here for 2 nights, booked through

Kokai Resort
My friends arrived during my 2nd day on the island so I stayed with them at Kokai’s. Their rooms are spacious, convenient location with very helpful & friendly staffs. Only problem is the slow flow of water. Booking was made through their website since it was cheaper compared to other sites.

Day 1

Manila – Cebu – Siargao (Sayak Airport) via Cebu Pacific.

From Sayak Airport to General Luna, take a tricycle or van which takes 30 to 40 minutes. I took the van for Php 200.00 but the normal rate is really at Php 300.00. If you’re a group, you can negotiate a lower price. You may contact Kuya Bordoy 0947 2222304.

I arrived at Smiling Pig around 9:30am, checked-in and joined the Island Hopping for Php 650.00 inclusive of lunch.

Naked Island
– the name says it all, no shade, no trees.. indeed a naked island!


Daku Island
– is the biggest of the 3 islands. Daku/Dako is a bisaya word (local language) for big, large. We spent most of the day here and had our lunch. There are cottages for rent and a small store where you can buy drinks, including beer. 🙂 For those on DIY and just rented a boat, there’s a docking fee of Php 100.00.

– there’s also a near surf spot here for beginners (with an instructor) to intermediate. What’s interesting is that instead of walking from the shore to the water and paddle, you will need to take a boat and go down in the middle of the sea and paddle away to the waves. Something I would definitely want to try next time!

Guyam Island
– is the cute tiny island that you can really make your way around it. Also one of the best spots for sunset. I love how small it is filled with palm trees. If you’re on a DIY, entrance Fee is Php 10.00 per head.

After sunset, we headed back to the port and rode a habal-habal (Php 20.00/head) to go back to the hostel.

We had dinner at Kermit Siargao. A must try is their Pizza Margherita (Php 250.00) with that really good green hot chili sauce!!! And the Choco Lava! 😉


Be sure to make a reservation with Kermit’s as they’re always packed.

Day 2

Me and my friend just relaxed for the day, went to Cloud 9, caught a few waves, and watched the sundown.

For lunch, we had Chicken Tikka Masala at Buddha’s Surf Resort which by the way was also good! Their accommodation looks great too but unfortunately, they were fully booked during my travel dates.

Surfing lessons is Php 500.00 per hour, board and instructor. Just ask for Kuya Erwin, the one with the long hair. 🙂

We headed to Bravo’s for dinner with my friends who arrived late in the afternoon that day. If you would like a chill nightout, this would be it.

Day 3 –  Sugba Lagoon, Kawhagan Island & Magpupungko Tidal Flats

– 1 hour van ride from General Luna to Del Carmen (Kuya Bordoy offered us the van for Php 4,500. Pick-up at Kokai, drop and wait at Del Carmen, then to Magpupungko, and back to the resort.
– At the port, pay for the pumpboat (1,600 for 6 pax) and entrance fee: Php 100.00/head. We also paid an additional fee for 3 more pax and for going to Kawhagan Island.
– Go to the market and buy food for lunch. The yellow fin tuna is only Php 120/kilo! Food will be cooked at the lagoon for a fee. 🙂
– Went back to the port, 30 to 40 minutes ride from Del Carmen to Sugba Lagoon

It is sooooo beautiful!!! If you have a lot of time to spare, spend a day here.. It is worth it, I’ll go back in a heartbeat!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Paddleboard can be rented and shared at Php 200/hour or Php 500 for the whole day.

After we had our lunch, we went to Kawhagan Island which is around 20 minutes away from Sugba. It somehow reminded me of Kalanggaman but I guess every island has its own vibe so don’t miss out on this one.


We headed back to Del Carmen, rode our van, and went to Magpupungko Tidal Flats which is an hour away. Entrance is Php 50.00.

DIY Total Tour Expense: Php 1,218/head (9 pax)

**Group Tour available (I think it’s only for Sugba Lagoon. Inclusive of food and transportation):
Smiling Pig – Php 1,500/head or Buddha’s – Php 2,000/head

Day 4 – Sohoton, Bucas Grande and Island Hopping (again..haha!)

To start our day, we woke up early and headed to Cloud 9 for the daybreak. Then to Shaka Siargao for breakfast and had their power bowl.

Sohoton is about 2 hours away from General Luna. At the port, we bought some food for lunch then started our trip to Sohoton. Boat rent is Php 5,000 good for 8 to 10 pax. We arrived at Sohoton Bay Visitors Lounge, handed our food for cooking and paid some fees, Php 356/head (I can’t remember the breakdown but there’s a picture below of the prices).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We transferred to a smaller boat which is good for 8 pax.
Tojoman Lagoon (Stingless Jellyfish) – Hagukan Cave – Magkukuob Cave

Tojoman Lagoon
– We again transferred to smaller boat. They no longer allow tourists to swim with the jellyfish as it may be harmful to them. You may touch them, however, please be very gentle. 🙂

Hagukan Cave
– A surreal experience. Swimming or floating through a small passage while the tour guide makes sure you don’t hit any stones. Once you’re in, you can only see a bit of sunlight and as you go farther, the darker it gets. The amazing part is that the clear blue water glows and illuminates! It felt like I was in a different enchanting world.

Magkukuob Cave
– Cliff Diving!!! You need to enter the cave to go up and once you’re on top, there’s no going back. It would be difficult to go back down because of the darkness and steepness of trail. 🙂 Inside we were surrounded by different stalagmites and stalactites. Definitely for the adrenaline junkies. If you’re not a good swimmer, that’s fine, the guide will be there below to pull you up right away.

We headed back to the visitor lounge and had our lunch. After eating, we continued with the island hopping (Naked, Daku, Gayum). Yes, it was my 2nd island hopping for this trip. Though, for me, it’s better to do it on a separate day so you can spend enough time on each island.

DIY Total Tour Expense: Php 1,207/head (8 pax)

Day 5

Time to head back home.. 5 days is not enough! I had to wake up early to catch my flight to Cebu then to Manila. Note that the terminal fee in Sayak Airport is Php 150.00

PS: During night, don’t forget to look up at the sky. I’ve never seen so much stars in my life that I was really overwhelmed. The darker it is, the brighter they glow. It was fascinating that I just sat near the shore and stared for a few good minutes.

Travel Date: March 2017
All-in Expense: Php 11,242



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  1. Great photo collection and video! I’ve never been to Siargao but this article convinces me that it should be on my list!

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